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Updated: May, 2016

Gurney. Tiny. Pig Pen. I Remember Them All
The Wall Street Journal, May 2016

Veteran’s Day 2015
A personal reflection by Jack

Memorial Day Memories
The Oregonian, May 2014

Let the Healing Begin
Lake Oswego Review, January 2014

Survivors Guilt
San Diego Union Tribune, August 2010

No Sense to the Sacrifice
The Oregonian, May 2010

PTSD should be a badge of honor
The Oregonian, May 2010

The Siege at Fort Vancouver
The Oregonian, May 2010

Witnesses to Pearl Harbor’s infamy and its aftermath
The Oregonian, December 2008

A Walk in the Woods with a Distant War
The Oregonian, Veteran’s Day 2001

Interview with Jack Estes
Screenplay Winner, 2006 FilmMakers Awards

Remembrance and Restoration
Newsweek, May 1994

“Gurney. Tiny. Pig Pen. I Remember Them All”

A Memorial Day Remembrance by Jack Estes The Wall Street Journal – May 27, 2016